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Maths Week Mini Quiz

Welcome to our Maths Week mini Quiz, designed specifically for Maths Week as a supplement to our annual Maths for Africa Challenge which runs in February, every year.

Each mini Quiz has 5 questions, which should take your class approximately 30 minutes to complete. One answer sheet is then submitted per class/group.

Please browse the 6 categories below and select the one most appropriate for your pupils.

Instructions are contained within each quiz.

Please note.

Whilst all donations to Children in Crossfire are welcome at any time, this event is not a fundraiser.

The purpose of this Quiz is to use the backdrop of the African continent and the lives of the children living there, to give pupils a positive shared learning experience during Maths Week.

Our Maths for Africa annual challenge takes place in February, and has a substantial prize fund of maths resources and trophies for winning schools.

We would very much like those of you who enjoy this Maths Week mini Quiz, to register for our annual event in February.

Have a great Maths Week!
Thank you
Maths for Africa Team
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